Niños Santos


// Ease My Troubled Mind

"Ease My Troubled Mind" CD Cover
  1. Burning Me [.mp3, sample]
  2. Kill The Parasite [.mp3, s.]
  3. #0 [.mp3, s.]
  4. Bushfire [.mp3, s.]
  5. Ease My Troubled Mind [.mp3, s.]
  6. Mr. Babylon [.mp3, s.]
  7. Leafless Tree [.mp3, s.]
  8. Daily Routine [.mp3, s.]
  9. Come Down [.mp3, s.]
Released in May 2004 · Produced by Niños Santos · Recorded and mixed by Kristian Kohlmannslehner at Kohlekeller Studio, mastered by Kai Stahlenberg · Graphic Design by Christian Heyse